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Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

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Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

Animal Forest Pocket Camp (Pokemori) is an original camp where you can talk to cute animals, eat rice, collect furniture and money just like in real life, and become the manager of the campsite. It’s going to be a game that creates a place . Another great feature is that you can enjoy a leisurely daily life by chatting with various cute animals. Of course, it’s free to download and free to play , but you’ll need to pay for some items when purchasing items . In addition, the supported languages ​​are also compatible with foreign languages, making it a popular game that is enjoyed all over the world .

Check out the official Animal Crossing Pocket Camp movie!
There are many cute animals! The game has a lot of fun elements, such as seasonal events and enjoying original coordination. In addition, more than 100 unique animals appear ! How about making friends with various animals and aiming to create a lively campsite ?
How to proceed in the early stages of the game
Remember the update cycle!
In Poké Forest, it is linked to real time, so let’s first learn the cycle of update time ! [ Renewal time period] is the time for animals on the map to move, animal requests to be updated, and for harvested fruits to grow back into trees.

Let’s raise the friendship level!

Friendship is a measure of how close you are to a resident . Each resident has a friendship level, and when you reach the maximum friendship level, your friendship level will increase by one . There are many benefits, such as receiving materials and bells , as the level of friendship increases .

Also, by raising the friendship level , the player’s level (camper level) will also rise. As the camper level rises, you can invite residents (animals) to the campsite and new furniture will be added, so let’s talk a lot, listen to various wishes, and raise your friendship level.

About billing elements

In the Poké Forest, there is an item called [Leaf Ticket]. Leaf tickets can be used to purchase items such as furniture, shorter departure times , and materials. The purchase price of leaf tickets is the cheapest, starting from [ 120 yen for 20 tickets ].

With this leaf ticket, you can also purchase nets that can catch a lot of fish , shorten the time to make furniture , and buy fortune cookies to get special furniture and clothes. .


This time, it was an introduction article about [Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp (Pokemori)]. The campsite where you can relax and spend time with cute animals is full of replay elements, making it a game that anyone can enjoy . How about creating your own original campsite and enjoying a slow life? Thank you for reading to the end.

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