May 27, 2024

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I completely understand about “Hulu” that I can’t hear now!

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I completely understand about "Hulu" that I can't hear now!
I completely understand about "Hulu" that I can't hear now!

I completely understand about "Hulu" that I can't hear now!

What is Hulu?

A video distribution service that offers unlimited viewing of dramas, anime, and variety shows.

Unlimited viewing of over 60,000 titles anytime, anywhere.

There are also distributions that you have missed, original works, and exclusive distributions. ”

It supports various devices and can be viewed on smartphones, TVs , tablets , etc.

Free trial period available!

Hulu is currently running a two-week free campaign for first-time subscribers .

During the free period, you can use the same services as paid members and watch various videos.

Also, during the free period, you will not be charged, so you can enjoy the free period without worry.

What genre do you have?
There are more than 60,000 videos of dramas, movies, variety shows, animations, etc.

As a genre

domestic drama
TV animation
Western painting
Japanese film
variety show
comedy show
fitness show
Korean drama

As mentioned above, there are 9 genres, so there are many choices.
Before registering, you can also check the work on the official website.

What are the fees and payment methods?

The service will cost ¥1,026 (tax included) per month .
In addition to credit cards, various payment methods such as docomo payment, au simple payment, Softbank collective payment, and Y!mobile collective payment are supported.

I actually registered and watched it!

When I actually registered and watched it, I was surprised at the amazing number of genres.

Above all, it is very helpful that there is a delivery service for missing new dramas!

I thought that I should have registered earlier because I didn’t have to go to the rental video store.

Especially when watching a drama, I felt that it was very convenient because I could continue watching it when I was curious about the continuation!

How do I register?
To use the Hulu service,

Go to Hulu official website
Click for 2 Week Free Trial Now
Enter registration information such as email address
Select payment method

Registration is completed with just this work .

Of course, if you cancel within 2 weeks, you won’t be charged, so don’t worry.


There are reviews saying that “videos stop halfway” and “smooth playback”, but what is the actual situation?
Hulu is a streaming service, so if the internet environment becomes unstable, the video will stop easily! If you have a stable high-speed line or Wi-Fi environment, you can watch it smoothly, but there are some points to note. A download function is now available for offline viewing.
Some people say, “I can’t see it on some computers” or “I can see it on my computer or smartphone”, but what is the actual situation?

You can watch videos on a variety of devices, but older computers and TVs may not be compatible due to enhanced security.
Hulu can be viewed on Internet-connected TVs, computers, smartphones, tablets, Blu-ray recorders, game consoles, etc.
There is no limit to the number of devices that can be registered, and if you log in with the same account, information will be synchronized, so you can use history and favorites from any device.
However, when viewing on a computer, analog output such as “VGA terminal” cannot be played.


With Hulu, you can watch movies , dramas, anime, etc. at home or on the go, as long as you have an internet connection.

If you have never registered before, it may be a good idea to register once at this opportunity and try out whether the service is to your liking during the free trial period .

Please use our services to improve your quality of life .

That’s it for this article about Hulu.

Thank you for reading to the end.

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