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Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 will be released on October 20th. Concept art of Venom and Kraven the Hunter also released 

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Marvel's Spider-Man 2 will be released on October 20th. Concept art of Venom and Kraven the Hunter also released 

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 will be released on October 20th. Concept art of Venom and Kraven the Hunter also released 

PlayStation 5 software ” Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 (Spider-Man 2)” at the event “Summer Game Fest” (Summer Game Fest) that announces the latest information on the game, which was distributed from 4:00 am on June 9, 2023. ] announced that the release date has been decided on October 20, 2023. In addition, concept art of Venom and Kraven the Hunter, which appear in the same work, has also been released.
The work is the latest in the ” Marvel’s Spider-Man ” series under development by Insomniac Games, known for the ” Ratchet & Clank ” series. We will proceed while switching between the two Spider-Man of Peter and Miles.
Along with the announcement, PlayStation.Blog also released information on the package and limited edition.

Pre-ordering the game will unlock early access to Peter’s Arachnite suit and Miles’ Shadow Spider suit and three color variations. In addition, 3 skill points that are useful for early unlocking of the “Web Catcher” gadget and a starting dash are also included.
The Digital Deluxe Edition includes the main game and all pre-order bonuses plus 10 exclusive Peter and Miles suits (5 each), additional frames and stickers for Photo Mode, and 2 skill points. The 10 suits were designed by guest artists* from the comics industry, the film industry, and PlayStation Studios.
A limited edition “Collector’s Edition” will also be released. The price is 31,980 yen [tax included], and includes a product code that allows you to download the contents of the Digital Deluxe Edition, a Steelbook display case, and a limited 19-inch figure of Spider-Man fighting Venom.
Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) has decided to release PlayStation5 (PS5) software ” Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 ” for Japan on October 20, 2023 (Friday).

Also, from June 16, 2023 (Friday), pre-orders for the download version of this work will be accepted at the PlayStation Store (PS Store), and pre-orders for the package version will be accepted at PlayStation dealers nationwide and various EC sites. We will start sequentially.

“Marvel’s Spider-Man 2” is the latest work in the open-world action-adventure game “Marvel’s Spider-Man” series, where you can enjoy exhilarating actions and epic stories in the real and vast Marvel world of New York. .

Developed by Insomniac Games, in collaboration with PlayStation and Marvel Games, just like its acclaimed predecessors.

In this work, in addition to Manhattan Island, Queens and Brooklyn are added to the expanded open world, and you can play while switching between Peter Parker and Miles Morales, two Spider-Man almost instantly. Each of the two Spider-Man have their own unique abilities and enjoy their own stories and missions.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 (Spider-Man 2) software for PlayStation 5 scheduled to be released in the fall of 2023 .

The work is the latest in the ” Marvel’s Spider-Man ” series under development by Insomniac Games, known for the ” Ratchet & Clank ” series.

On May 25, 2023, the video program “PlayStation Showcase”, which conveys the latest information on PlayStation, released a play video of about 10 minutes. At Famitsu.com, we interviewed creative director Bryan Intihar and game director Ryan Smith about what they found interesting about the video, such as switching between characters to play and the size of the map.

――The previous work ” Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales ” was developed on multiple platforms of PS5 and PS4 (* PC version will be released at a later date), but this work is a PS5 exclusive title. Please tell us if there are any things that you were able to express because it was exclusive to PS5.

As you may have seen in the video we released at the Ryan PlayStation Showcase, the PS5’s SSD has increased the loading speed, so the movement speed in the web swing has also increased. You can also use the wind tunnel to move even faster, opening up new possibilities for exploration.

――We often hear that the Marvel’s Spider-Man series is fun to move around. I assume that the wind tunnel you just talked about will be used in the newly added “Web Wing”.

Bryan I made a conscious effort to leverage the foundations I built with the Marvel’s Spider-Man series to further enhance the feeling of being Spider-Man. The web wings and slingshots, which I showed in the PlayStation Showcase video, were elements that could only be realized on the PS5, and I think they were able to express more fluid movement.

――At the PlayStation Showcase, it was revealed that this work will be played by switching between Peter Parker and Miles Morales. In the play video, the character you control changes as the mission progresses, but can you switch at any time other than during a mission?

RyanAs you can see, there are scenes where the character is decided during the story mission. However, when exploring the open world outside of story missions, you can freely switch between characters.

Some content is exclusive to a specific character, but we also have content that allows you to pick and choose which one you want to play. Since they are both Spider-Man, they have some things in common, but Miles is more speedy than Peter, and they each have their own individuality, so I hope you can choose your favorite character.

――In the play video, we were able to see Peter in a symbiote black suit and Miles fighting with new gadgets. In addition, new actions such as parry and double finish have been added, and I feel that the battles have a better tempo. Please tell us about the concept of the battles in this work.

Bryan’s abilities and combat are also aimed at building on the foundation of the series and powering it up. We also focused on connecting the story to what kind of abilities Peter was given by the symbiote, and why Miles was able to use the enhanced power of bioelectricity.

With the Ryan 

symbiote, you’ll be able to attack more enemies at once, and you’ll be able to slam enemies more violently into walls and cars. I am also conscious of making the strength of the symbiote stand out.

――New locations appeared in the play video, but how many areas have been added in this work?

Bryan: In this work, Queens and Brooklyn have been added, and roughly speaking, the map size is about twice that of previous works. These two areas are small residential areas, so I think you can feel the charm different from Manhattan. There are also unexpected situations that have never been seen before, such as battles using the river that runs through the city, so please look forward to it.

――Please tell us what you want people to pay attention to in this work.

Bryan The title is Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 , but I want people to feel that this is not just a sequel, but a new experience for the two heroes. The personal conflicts of Peter and Miles are also depicted, so I hope you will enjoy the parallel but common stories.

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