February 28, 2024

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Now you know about Netflix (Netflix), which is becoming a hot topic!

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Now you know about Netflix (Netflix), which is becoming a hot topic! Netflix is ​​a service that delivers a wide range of content including award-winning dramas , movies, anime and documentaries.
Now you know about Netflix (Netflix), which is becoming a hot topic!

Now you know about Netflix (Netflix), which is becoming a hot topic!

Netflix is ​​a service that delivers a wide range of content including award-winning dramas , movies, anime and documentaries.

Headquartered in the United States in more than 190 countries, the number of subscribers is 125 million worldwide, making it one of the largest companies in the world.

You can watch it on any device with an internet connection .
For a flat rate, low price, you can watch as much as you want, anytime, anywhere, and there are no ads .

Movies and dramas are added every week, so it’s attractive to be able to discover new works at any time.

Payment methods are credit card or debit card .

Various credit cards such as VISA, MasterCard, JCB, American Express, and Diners can be used.

For those who do not have a credit card, we also accept payment by debit card with the above international brands.

There is no clear debit card name on the official website, but debit cards from major banks can be used without problems.

We used to be able to pay with PayPal, but now PayPal is no longer available.

Netflix also offers payment options other than credit and debit cards.

The method is [ Netflix prepaid gift card payment ].

This payment method can be purchased at Bic Camera, Yamada Denki, K’s Denki, Yodobashi Camera, Joshin, etc.

It can also be purchased at convenience stores such as Lawson and Family Mart.

After obtaining a prepaid gift card, if you enter the code on the card on the account information page, the balance in the gift card will increase and it will be used for future payments.

This payment method is recommended for those who do not want to use a credit card or who prefer to pay in cash.

Many search methods and genres that you want to watch!
There are 6 ways to search for movies on Netflix .

6 search methods

  1. Title search
  2. Search by actor/actress
  3. Search by movie director
    4.Genre search
    Search by 5 supported image quality
  4. Language search
    In this way, since there are various search methods, you can also search by your favorite actor or actress in addition to the usual title search, and you may be able to meet movies that you did not know that you appeared in until now. Is it not?

It’s also a useful search method when you remember the name of an actor or actress but can’t remember the title of the movie.

There are 20 genres in the genre search , and I want to decide by genre for the time being! It’s a convenient choice sometimes.

Many award-winning films are particularly interesting, so sometimes it’s good to decide on a film based on other people’s evaluations.

I want to immerse myself in the nostalgic feeling of the past! At times, I think it’s easy to choose because it’s organized by genre.

Is there a free period?

Netflix used to set a one-month trial period, but the service ended in December 2019. A lot of attractive content has gathered, and the number of members has increased a lot, which is probably a sign of confidence.


It’s a bit frustrating that there is no free trial period, but I think it’s very attractive to be able to pay with a large number of search methods and prepaid cards.

The registration method is as easy as other video distribution services and can be completed in a short time.

Please take this opportunity to compare it with other video distribution services and use it as a reference.

Thank you for reading to the end.

one, etc., the game, which already has over 40 million players worldwide, will finally appear as a smartphone version, and they will drop each other.[Smash Bros.] It is a fighting action game of the wind. 50 uni

que characters have appeared, andit is a game that competes how many opponents can be defeated using character-specific weapons and common items such as bombs. It is also possible to play offline alone , and you can practicefir

mly with training, tutorials , training , etc.

Check out the official movie of [Brawlhalla] !

It’s a Smash-style fighting game, and you’ll be overwhelmed by the number of characters that appear! Each character has different combat abilities , so I definitely want to find a character that I like and be able to master it!

About the flow of the game

startup. You can see how big the game is.
There are several modes that you can choose from. This time, we will choose the classic free-for-all.
From the first time, you can choose several characters. As you progress through the game, more characters will be available for you to choose from. The character’s ability is set at the bottom left of the screen, so we recommend checking it when selecting.
You can even choose detailed equipment for your character . Choose your favorite equipment and go to battle!

The basic rule is that if you send your opponent outside the screen, the points on the upper right of the screen will increase, and if you are sent by your opponent, you will get minus points. People with the highest total points will be ranked first. It’s just like a Smash Bros. game. The virtual pad on the left side of the screen controls the direction, and the buttons on the right side of the screen allow you to attack your opponent and climb walls. You can also fine-tune the position of the operation buttons on the screen from the settings , so you can customize it to make it easier to operate.
Results will be announced when the battle is over for the specified time. The number of enemies defeated, the damage dealt , and the damage received are also displayed.

fight are displayed, and you can earn coins that can be used in the store. In the store, you can acquire new characters with the coins you have earned , so be sure to save up.

How to acquire characters

save coins To increase the number of characters you can choose from, you must have earned coins and purchased characters. Coins will increase just by playing the game, so if you play more and more, you can naturally earn more coins.

About Mammoth Coin

Mammoth Coin. With this mammoth coin, you will be able to purchase weapons in battle, additional effects when defeating the opponent, costumes, etc. The lowest price is ¥ 730 = 140 mammoth coins, and people who play the game You may try it and buy it. In addition to this, if you purchase “Brawlhalla – All Legends Pack” (2440 yen) that allows you to use all characters, you can use all characters, as well as characters that will be added in the future.

This time, it was an introduction article about [Brawlhalla]. Although it has just appeared as a smartphone version, I have a feeling that it will become very popular as a popular smartphone game in the future ! It might be a good idea to sneak in and become stronger before it becomes very popular! Above all, I’m happy that you can play online in the style of Smash Bros. Once again, thank you for reading to the end.

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