February 27, 2024

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Over 45 million downloads worldwide! Understand everything about [AFK Arena]!

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Over 45 million downloads worldwide! Understand everything about [AFK Arena]!

Over 45 million downloads worldwide! Understand everything about [AFK Arena]!

What did you think of the official movie? The unique world view and unique characters are especially attractive! There are some in-game charges, but the game is basically free to play.

About the flow of the game

The explanation tutorial is also easy to understand with operations + story!
When you launch the app for the first time, a tutorial is prepared so that you can understand the operating instructions and how to proceed. The characters explain each operation and story one by one, making the setting easy to understand and kind.

There are almost no complicated operations, so it is easy to understand even for beginners. Add friends here.

Basically, in battle scenes, when the characters around the character below are attacked or receive attacks, a gauge accumulates, and skills are activated by tapping the character icon.

Depending on the character, the direction of attack is determined , so careful consideration must be given to placement. The key is to check the usability on stage, check the formation, and

On the main screen, characters are constantly fighting. This is the point where it is called an idle RPG. By using Quick Battle, you can earn a large amount of idle rewards without passing any time.

In battle scenes, it is a good idea to be ready to tap to activate your character’s skills so that you can properly activate them. From the beginning, even users who are not familiar with the operation can easily grasp the trick and have fun. Also, up to 5 characters can fight at the same time. Each time you defeat an enemy, you receive a bonus item, and by completing quests you receive rewards and level up.

About the characters

The acquired character will also have an explanation of its special moves, and the name of the voice actor will be included so you can enjoy the voice lines.

The profiles for each character are also well-crafted with detailed settings !

In normal gacha, there are 10 consecutive gachas, but if you enter the serial code from the official Twitter, you can get an additional 30 consecutive gacha tickets. The serial code can be entered by tapping the player icon at the top left of the main screen → serial code. There are also other special serial codes, so I would like to introduce them as well.

user review

Looks like it will become a monument for idle games

Up until now, I’ve been a wanderer who has installed many games and then uninstalled them because they were boring, but I feel like I’ve finally found a game that I can live in.

First of all, the world view of the game is amazing.
The story or rather the tutorial explains what kind of world this AFK arena is, so it doesn’t feel like a work game that is just about training.

The settings for each character are introduced in great detail, so you’ll start to like the characters themselves.

The battle system is quite easy to get used to, and the balance is more like a trial-and-error type of game that involves combining skills between characters, rather than a game where you push specific characters, so it requires a lot of strategy. It’s like a Pokémon, with each party using it differently.

Crispy at the beginning – quite a response from the middle

Basically, battles are automatic, so it’s quite fun just watching the characters move around. Retry can be done easily depending on the content (sometimes it is not possible)

It’s a system that allows you to earn experience points for training by leaving it alone, so there’s no stress about not being able to stick to it.

It may be recommended for people who are tired of social media that takes a lot of time.Personally
, I really like the touch of the illustrations. The voice is also really cool.


This article was an introduction to [AFK Arena]. In addition to the unique characters and story, the gorgeous voice actors are very attractive! In addition, the tutorial is well-explained and friendly to gamers who are new to the game, and the simple battle scenes may be one of the reasons for its popularity. Once again, thank you for reading until the end.

serial codeBenefits
uf4shqjngqCommon gacha ticket x30
haruruAFK (*until November 15, 2020)Coin x 1.5 million
Common gacha ticket x5
Diamond x 1000
YuJaeseokCoin x 1.5 million
Common gacha ticket x5
Diamond x 1000
liuyan888Coin x 100,000
Diamond x 888
liuyan118Coin x 50,000
Faction gacha ticket x3
liuyan233Coin x 50,000
Faction Gachachi ticket x3
afk888Coin x 20,000
Diamond x 300
Hero dust x100
misevj66yiCommon gacha ticket x5
Diamond x 500
Rare Hero Soul Stone x60

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