February 27, 2024

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Rohan Train the ultimate equipment and reach the top of the MMO!

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Rohan Train the ultimate equipment and reach the top of the MMO!

Rohan Train the ultimate equipment and reach the top of the MMO!

This time I would like to introduce a game app called [Rohan M]. Release started for Android/iOS on August 12, 2020, and official service started in November 2006Popular online game for PC created based onNew ROHAN”. The world view and game system have been redeveloped to suit smartphones, allowing you to enjoy the highest level of graphics as an app for smartphones. In addition to standard battle systems such as PvP and PvE, the game also features an auto battle function that makes it easy to play on smartphones. In addition, you can create your own original equipment with over 100 options, and you can combine options to match your own style. , it is now possible to create original equipment.

How did you like the official movie? You can further strengthen your equipment with many combinations, and I think you’ll get more and more addicted to hack and slash games! Although there are some in-game charges, you can basically play for free.

The first time you play, you will be able to choose one of four characters. Please note that changes cannot be made during the game. 1You can create up to 4 characters for each ID, so try out the other characters. It might be good too. For beginners, we recommend starting with “Knight or Assassin” as both have high critical rate and active skills with high multipliers. .

About the flow of the game

Use the quest button at the top left of the screen to complete various quests and raise your level. You can move by yourself, but if you tap it, you will be automatically teleported to the next quest, so you can progress through the quest more efficiently.

bottom left of the screen to move forward, and the button at the bottom right to perform attack actions. There is also an auto-battle function, which saves time and allows even those who are not good at combat operations to be able to respond well.

appear. A variety of enemy characters are available.with items to further strengthen them. Let’s advance the reinforcement and advance the battle advantageously!
You can even create costumes for your characters. There are a wide variety of equipment and items, so you have a wide range of options and are highly original.

How to proceed in the early stages of the game

In the early stages of the game, progress through the main quests, raise your level, and strengthen your skills. As you raise your level, you can strengthen multiple skills, but you can only use one in battle, so we recommend focusing on one skill first.
Login events are held every day, so we recommend that you just log in and get items.You can purchase a pet to accompany you on your adventures. It has the ability to “automatically purchase potions” and “automatically sell/disassemble equipment”, which is very useful when you are left alone for a long time, such as when you go to bed or when hunting without using the auto function. If you want to play Rohan M efficiently, we recommend purchasing a pet in the early stages.

About billing elements

Within the game content, you can earn rubies by making payments. The minimum amount is [ ¥120 = 120 pieces ]. You’ll be happy to know that the charges start from a wallet-friendly amount!
You can use the rubies you purchased earlier to exchange them for boxes where you can get equipment and items.
The recommended charge is the starter pack. It is a pack where you can obtain equipment and equipment training materials for 3,300 yen, and rare equipment and costumes can be obtained, so This pack is recommended for those who want to progress quickly in the early stages.

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